Sunday, October 3, 2021

Quilted Mac and Cheese

With the holidays fast approaching,  our menus will be brainstormed, assessed and executed with surgical precision and garnished with stress.  Whether you choose a traditional or modern ensemble, there are always little tweaks and adjustments we can make to what we are already comfortable with, to elevate a dish or recipe in no time. 
 The featured photo is what I call "quilted", because of the block style appearance of the melted cheese on top and throughout.  I cubed some of the cheese portions larger than others, as to not completely melt into the dish and retain some of its shape and offer more texture.  I prepped two contrasting color portions of the cheese used for this recipe and scattered the blocks randomly atop, to create a look similar to that of your Grandma's hand sewn quilt, passed down to your mother and one day, becoming your own.  
Now, having an heirloom quilt is not a requirement and is certainly not going to affect the wonderful outcome of this little tip, but hopefully it will create the same warming, cozy and familiar feeling you just had thinking about it. Additionally, if you love the idea of quilting as a hobby, it's never too late to begin one and create some living history and a chance to get your kids engaged in adding some of the swatches that represent themselves or things that are important in their lives. Participation begets Appreciation!  Enjoy!

Quilted Mac and Cheese effect created using two types of cheese, cubed