Sunday, June 18, 2023

Takeout In; "Black Chicken"

I turned this homemade meal into takeout fare simply by placing it in a reusable vessel I already had at home.  I originally had some boneless chicken bites from Food Lion in it and washed the container, as I felt it was reckless to toss it away after just one use.  I prepared a three course meal and plated the dish, from scratch.  This is my daughter Bronwyn's pregame meal for Soccer.  I like to plate extra in case her friends would like to partake with her.  I used this amazing bagged spice blend from Italy featuring Garlic and Chilies, plus many other layering flavors. 
 I allowed the protein, hand cut chicken cutlets, to marinate in the spice rub before pan searing for several minutes on each side, then resting.  I tossed the fresh asparagus with standard SPST (Salt and Pepper to Suit Taste) then finished with a scant amount of Dale's and finished with lots of fresh lemon and zest.  I sauteed them over medium high heat for several minutes, tossing frequently and removing from the heat before they became limp. 
 The rice was my shortcut, Yellow Rice by Zatarain's, pretty much by the box, with a large pinch of the same seasoning I used for the chicken and drizzled with some EVOO.  The dish was big hit with my daughter and her friends.  One of her friends even said "I've never had 'Black Chicken' before, I've only had Boiled Chicken, "Black Chicken' is Good"! Let's be clear, "Black Chicken" as used here is Chicken made by a Black Person or Person of Color.  I found those comments hysterically funny and certainly took them as compliments.  Bronwyn and her friends even thought I was delivering takeout when I handed her the container.  
She was happy to know, it was from Mom's kitchen, teeming with my style of preparation and love of spice.  We can't win them all, but I felt like a winner that day, saving the Planet, saving money and satisfying a growing, active teen ( and two of her friends).  It's the little things....


Thanks Again!

Beautiful Sage Blossoms in my Zen Space
Common Sage in my Herb Garden

Common Sage 

Common Sage, A Protector

Cookout Plate; Multi Seasoned Double Burger with the works, Barbecue Chicken and Potato Salad*

 I am incredibly blessed to have you all in my blog life, sharing in my cooking adventures and escapades.  You have become an extended part of my family, truly a joy to have around.  Thanks to you, I've had my recipes shared all over the world, not just here in the Americas, since its inception in 2012.   My space has blossomed into its own entity, that has stood the test of time, even through my post droughts, with the most recent hiatus being on the heels of the loss of two of my sisters, Terry and Cherie, within the last year. My whole life changed drastically, twice, so painfully so, so fast, God only knows how much sadness has been poured onto our family, and how the Most High has helped us to carry on...I appeciate the Love people have shown me, Us.
 Thank you for standing by my blog and maintaining traffic to my site,, home of Food's Fan Club, and reading my recipes and stories.  I love that my readers share and leave comments, which I try to respond to in a prompt manner.  I've gotten much better at it! Lest I fail to mention how much of an impact you have had on my role as one of the Google Local Guides, I'm in the top 10% of Contributors and Restaurant Reviewers in the World (per Google) !! You all Rock! 
Since the last time I wrote about how grateful I am for you all, I've gone from 7 million views, to over 15 MILLION VIEWS, in less than 2 years, and that's just on my photography as far as being a  Local Guide goes. Plus, I've got other platforms where my work is available, bringing in more love from social media families!   Man, that's quite AWESOME.  
I plan to keep learning, growing, cooking, writing and sharing for the duration or at least as long as the Lord sees fits.  The featured photo is one of an aromatic 'Common' Sage plant.  
Sage, a perennial from the evergreen family, is most prominent in my garden on purpose.  It is versatile and delicous to cook with, plus frys to an amazing light crisp, quite unique.  Sage has a very 'Musk forward' 'basementy' smell, akin to that of basketball player running drills for 6 hours straight, in the heat of Summer, in a sweater! Even so, I find the actual flavor it imparts to be of a fantastic variety, like a warming spice, bright but subtle, twangy and loud, but with a comforting earthiness.  
Sage is also used around the world to cleanse the space and air around us, both physically and spiritually.  Double duty Herb indeed.  Sage is also an herb of protection.  In an ever changing society, we can use all the protections we can get and for that I am grateful still.  I am  most appreciative of the journey that you all have chosen to take with me.  A celebration is in order.  Today's plate is from one such celebration, with a classic grilled lineup. We'll fellowship together. 
Also,  Happy Father's Day to all whom it applies, this plate's for you!  
                                      Thanks Again for the Love You've shown.                                    

*Although I plated the above photo, I did not prepare the food, the burgers were seasoned by my friend La'kesha A. and the Potato Salad is courtesy of Ms. Debra. The chicken was grilled by James T.