Saturday, August 25, 2012

Warm and Cozy Foods on Dreary Days!

Overcast and sunless days remind me of being cozied up at home in my Snuggie , Yes Snuggie!, noshing on something extra delicious and slow cooked.  Riding shotgun with some Dean Koontz or Patterson, as long as the author presents characters causing some sort of havoc, supernatural or otherwise, with the T.V. remote loyally by my side,  I hunker down and prepare to veg out.  The soft pitter-patter of rain plays hop scotch across the roof and shutters, then plays tag down the houseside and windows in a synchronized pattern, like following it's predecessor's chemical trails.     The winds wisp the rain and drizzle against the house as if conducting  a tiny ant marching band, consisting of millions of tiny horns and drums, bells and woodwinds, tranquility.  Those sounds resonate like the beating and reverberating, the ebb and flow of the once warm womb, that if you are reading this, once was your home too.  The sky is pregnant with the promise of more rain, and the ominous clouds along the distant horizon send warning "Wait, there's more!"  The silken slumber invoked is a welcome respite from the busy week, now a memory, even though the next week, Lord's Will, will be very much the same just with different dates and clothing.  Alas I digress, the children have been awake for hours with no rest stop in sight, happy and  enveloped in merriment, relishing in this first day of no school in five days, running amok.  Transformers blasts in the Den, Qubo in the bedroom, Sponge Bob in the kitchen, chaos.  Satisfaction is far and in between, because one child has lost a little white stuffed lamb, another a die-cast car, the remaining child is hiding with my digital camera taking pictures of Neco, our cat.  Oh I almost forgot, the same child that is seeking the lamb is also laying on my arm making it difficult to type, reminding me vigilantly, that she didn't mean to call me a "bad word".  I missed that memo and encourage her to just let it go....
 I prepared some Deep Southern Comfort Food today, Slow Braised Pigs' Tails with carrots, celery and onion.   The wonderful smell of the mirepoix has settled since I started cooking them around 8 am.  My emacculate  blue Le Creuset French oven pumps amazing aromas throughout our home like a culinary choo-choo train and beckons to the senses, as a bee is beckoned to, by the nectar of  dew kissed flowers.  This I must admit will not be an exciting meal to some, and by no means should be eaten regularly, but these puppies are hard to find and well worth the wait.  The flavorful unctuous broth is super with bread, today it's paired with another recipe of mine Big Ole  Southern Biscuits with Flax Seeds.  DELISH!  There is comfort in slow cooking foods, there is comfort in knowing you have prepared a recipe so many times, you can do it virtually blind-folded, and there is comfort in knowing that even though you may not get to take a nap for several more years,  when you sit down to dine on whatever your warming, cozy meal is, your mind state will be altered, and just for a little while, nothing can rain on your parade!!! Summertime's Rainy Days are like Winter's Snow filled  Days!

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