Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Fat Bastard, A Breakfast Melody!

My sister Linda spent the weekend with us, and we caught up on all the gossip and happenings  of the past two weeks, since we last had a chance to hang out.  We brought Sunday morning in with a venture of making breakfast together. My sister Hollie had already made a wonderfully hot and soothing, bone warming fire, as we have a wood stove in our home-place house. With the smell of fresh coffee and soft gospel music from the radio already wafting through the house, thanks to Hollie as well, Linda  began slicing serving- -sized portions of Kielbasa to be roasted and patting out cakes of fresh homemade sausage, procured by way of  a guy, lovingly referred to in our area as the "Sausage Man".  Linda also prepared a 'mess' of fried potatoes in our old fashioned cast iron skillet.  My task was the biscuits.  I follow the same routine as usual, and began mixing, cutting, rolling, cutting out and transferring the fluffy rounds of country clouds or "cat head biscuits", as called by some, to my baking sheet. My best guess as to why they are nicknamed so, is because they are larger than the average cutout biscuit, about the same diameter as a cat's head!  It just sounds fun to say!
 Normally this goes on without a hitch, but my girls were in kitchen as well, and wanted to do their part, so I gave Bronwyn the rolling pin, a small piece of dough and a work surface.  Genesis came in and she too wanted to help, and the power struggle for the rolling pin began.  After much bickering and agreeing to disagree, the girls decided to share the seat, and pass the pin back and forth.!  They rolled and rolled, until losing interest and migrating back into the other parts of the house.  When the biscuits were baked, sausage and Kielbasa gently cooked in the oven and the potatoes steaming hot and fragrant with notes of savory onion in tow, the eggs were scrambled and plated.  We opted for loaded biscuits for the sake of cleanup and trying to fit all the 'ole fashioned, 'Sundays of old breakfast' into our designated vessel.  The task was a daunting one, mindful of the surface area and they ability to actually be able to hold it in your hands and eat it with minimal hassle.  I decided to go for it and not worry about actually holding it.  I cheated by using a knife and fork!!  This is definitely not a biscuit for every day, or even every week, but it's mighty good for a special occasion, as is anytime we can get more than 3 sisters in the same place at one time, we splurge!  I took it a step further and added aged Vermont White Cheddar cheese to seal the deal, it was delicious and indulgent, hence the name "Fat Bastard"!  There's no place like home indeed!:)


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