Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Days Year Round!

This publication is a throwback from a Halloween piece I did for my children and nephew for a smashing adolescent dinner party, complete with large plastic rats, cob webs galore, huge leaf-stuffed spiders, as well as tiny ones, orange and black balloons, skeletons and ghosts yard decor.   I mentioned the dish, but I had not yet shared the preparation.  The pizza cups were fun and ghoulish with the adddition of green food coloring added to the store bought package of dough.
 The portions are bite sized, as I used a mini muffin baking pan.    Each cup is topped with a dollop of your favorite sauce, 1 slice pepperoni, and one square of sliced mozzarella cheese.  The finished product is garnished with grated parmesan cheese upon plating.  The children really enjoyed the dish long with their Swamp Punch (Green Sorbet with Lemon Lime Soda with plastic eyeballs), Critter Cakes ( Chocolate Cupcakes with Tri-ColorToasted Coconut), Witches Skin and Graveyard Bones (Sour Cream and Onion Chips and Pretzels),  Werewolves  Legs ( Crispy Chicken Drumsticks) and Zombie Eyeballs (Tangy Meatballs).  The adults attending enjoyed the menu as well.
 Occasions like this make my ideas and creations my rewards of sorts, gratifying because of my kids' satisfaction. Their smiles are like badges of courage, which shine like tiny beacons of hope and, beckoning me to keep pushing for better dishes for entertainng and keeping their attention, as well as for my adult tasters and menus.  When the kiddies big beautiful eyes light up the room anticipationg the next surprise and those joyous squeals of delight resonate throughout the house, it drowns out everything that may have went wrong during the course of that day, gives me a little more energy and bestows a feeling within my heart that I am doing something right in this world, and it's always worth it and keeps me going... Everyday is Mother's Day when you are committed to your children's happiness and knowing that we have the most loyal and biggest fans, comparable to the status of celebrities, waiting to see our faces when they wake up, and before the go to bed!  Being a Mom Really Rocks!  Happy Mother's Day!

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