Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gluten Free Deep Dish Portobello Mushroom Pizzas

Pizza and mushrooms go hand in hand in our household.  I figured , why not combine the two and get rid of  the Gluten, some of the carbs and shave a substantial measure of fat , while receiving a healthy dose of Vitamin D and calcium.  I found these beauties at Walmart, in a package boasting four beautiful Portobellos for less than 5 bucks!!!  I was very pleased with the results of this recipe.  My daughter Bronwyn LOVED it, as well as sisters Gayle, Bonnie and Hollie.  The Portobello in all it's meatiness, leaves nothing to be desired and makes a wonderful and nutritious meal with the addition of a simple green salad!!  This recipe may easily be doubled.
2 Portobello Mushrooms, about 8 oz.,wiped cleaned and stem trimmed if necessary
 1/4 c. mushroom and olive spaghetti sauce(or personal favorite)
2 slices Provolone cheese
3 oz. Mozzarella fresca
2 tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese
2 tbsp. fresh oregano and basil, julienned
olive oil for drizzling
additional sauce for serving if desired
Preheat oven to 400*F.
Brush mushrooms with olive oil and sprinkle with scant amount of kosher salt on a baking sheet.
Roast for ten minutes to extract some of the moisture and cook mushrooms, flat side down, flipping during last 3 minutes to rid of accumulated juices.
Remove from oven and flip back to textured underside.
Mix 1 tbsp. Parmesan cheese with sauce and divide among mushrooms.
Place a slice of Provolone on each.
Divide mozzarella and fresh herbs among mushrooms.
Drizzle with olive oil and Broil on bottom rack until slightly golden., about 5 minutes. 
Garnish with remaining Parmesan and SPST.
Serves 2 or makes 4 appetizer portions.


  1. Great idea! I love portobella mushrooms, can't wait to try this.

    1. Hello, Thank You for checking out my material and I hope you enjoy the recipe!:)