Monday, October 19, 2015

Apple Cheddar Stacks, Military Style

Okay, so this beach trip was quickly approaching and I felt the need to lose a few extra pounds.  I had only about a week until departure, so I enlisted the aid of the surefire Military Diet to expedite my goal.  One  of the meals includes one small apple, a 1 oz. piece  of Cheddar cheese and 5 crackers.  At face value, the trio was a bit boring, so being the resourceful person that I am, I tweaked the ensemble just a bit.
Since the diet is calorie based, I could add the dollop, which is a Chile Garlic Sauce, no fat, no calories. I ended up with a rather tasty treat, interesting enough for your next super snack in less than 5 minutes. I used a mandolin to slice the cored apple. This process really added a sense of volume to the snack.   I stacked the slices into even piles.
 Coring provided the well for the cheese (which I grated and filled in the centers) and I microwaved them for about 35 seconds.  I garnished each with a tiny bit of the Chile Garlic Sauce and SPST for a sweet and savory, crunchy and chewy, slightly stretchy and spicy, satisfying snack/meal.
1 small apple of choice, I used Gala
1 oz. Cheddar cheese
5 saltine crackers
Slice off top and bottom of apple.
Core the apple.
Using a mandolin, slice the apple and make equal piles of them on a microwave safe dish.
Grate the Cheddar and fill the wells created by stacking.
Offset the base apple slice to aid in stabilizing the cheese well.
Microwave until the cheese just starts to melt, about 35 seconds.
Top crackers with Apple Stack.
Garnish with fresh cracked pepper and  Chile Garlic Sauce if desired.
Serves 1.