Saturday, July 6, 2019

Plum Crazy!

Plums, which are a part of the stone fruit family, are in full swing and the getting is more than good, it's great!  These beautiful and delicious treats came from a local man's home, and were free to pick.  My children and I enjoy plums regularly, and being in season makes for a sweet deal and satisfying snack, especially when chilled just a bit. Plums are loaded with vitamins, minerals and benefits your body can use.
Plums are great for helping the body to absorb iron.  They have measurable amounts of vitamins C,  copper and vitamin K.  Dried plums are prunes, even though we hardly think of them as such.  Soluble fiber in plums is a good part of  managing weight and also stabilizing blood sugars.  The antioxidant properties found in these guys, like the ones found in blueberries, can help fight off free radical that damage cells in the body, in turn are fighting off certain cancers!   Not bad for something that can fit in the palm of your hand huh!?
Ask around your neighborhood, you may be surprised what free gifts in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables that are literally ripe for the taking!

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