Sunday, April 8, 2018

Cheddar and Provolone Frico Egg Sandwich: Frico Hand Pie

 Gluten free grilled cheese? Yup! Vegetarian? Yup! Delicious and different, old and new at the same time? Yup! This sandwich is inspired by an Italian dish of Friuli called frico, referring to  cheese crisps.
Frico is commonly made with more oil heavy and harder cheeses, a way to utilize the rinds,similar to the way one would flavor soups and stews, historically prepared by the economically disadvantaged or anyone wanting to  make the most of the whole block portion of cheese.
The recipes I reviewed after creating my own version, involved the oven and baking the frico, then molding it into desired shape before it cools.  This serves as a vessel to fill with other goodies and such, i.e. fruit, meats, softer cheeses etc..
For my take on frico, I use softer cheeses and I use a nonstick pan to melt and brown the cheeses.  I made a literal grilled cheese sandwich by adding an egg, cooked to one's own preference to achieve a chewy, melty, eggy and cheesy hand pie of deliciousness!
The cheeses I use for this recipe are cheddar and provolone.  You may use the cheese of your choice, but be mindful of it's melting properties and the temperature may vary, depending on the hardness of the cheese.
Eggs, to be cooked according to desired doneness
Sharp Cheddar cheese slices
Provolone slices
Large nonstick pan
Rubber spatula
In large non stick pan or seasoned cast iron skillet, heat to medium.
Fold double slices of cheese in half, then half again, making a square.
Place one square of cheese on one side of the pan, and the next on the other.
Melt the cheese slowly, meanwhile, prepare the egg.
I prepared my egg over medium. 
Remove egg from heat.
Using a rubber spatula,  press the square to help facilitate the melting process.
Once the frico is melted and nicely colored on the bottom, remove from heat to cool, just enough to handle.
On a large plate or countertop, center egg atop the provolone frico, making sure there is room around the edges to press the cheeses together and place the cheddar frico on top.
Put back on heat and using a fork heated by the burner, press the edges of the frico, going around several times until the edges marry.
Remove from heat and place on a paper towel, to dab away excess oil.
Serve as soon as cool enough to handle.

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