Thursday, April 12, 2018

Edible Flower Garden: Crafts for Kids and the Kid in Us All

Fun should not be limited to just the kiddoes.  I had as much fun with this project, as the kids at my daughter's birthday soiree did.  It was a small, all day affair, starting with appetizers.  The day was cold and windy with rain, but on the inside of our home, it was bright and sunny with smiles, food, edible plants and fun!  I initially planned to do the plants as place settings, and the miniature terra cotta pots that held the treat was the party favor, along with some seeds to grow their own little personal plants.  I then figured, heck, the kids can do this with me as an engaging, interactive party craft, bursting with Spring flair and full of vibrance, yummies and creamy delectables.  This  would also help over shadow the fact that the first days of Spring were actually quite wintry!!
There is no wrong way to arrange the indoor garden and the kids and you can let your creativity run wild. At the end of the day, the most important thing will be the bonding and time shared, adding yet another pleasant and loving memory to the scrapbooks of our minds. Cherish Each Day!<3 p="">
pudding cups or homemade chocolate pudding
whipped cream
chocolate striped shortbread cookies, crumbled
sweet and sour gummy worms
gummy savers
colorful straws with little spoons on the end
miniature bows
scissors to trim straw
plastic wrap to line flower pots
Tear pieces of the plastic wrap, just enough to coat the inside and hang over the edges of the pots.
Anchor the plastic wrap in the pots with about 1 tbsp. cookie crumbles in the bottom.

Place 4 oz. of pudding in each of the pots.
Add whipped cream over the pudding and another tbsp. cookie crumbles.
Trim the straw about 3 inches and attach miniature bow to top portion of straw with spoon end.
You may use the trimmed piece of straw to make another little flower or toadstool decoration.
Use the gummy savers to decorate the stalk of the flowers.
Garnish with gummy worms as desired.

Enjoy and have fun!  The above photo is of the edible garden we made. Contributors included My daughters Genesis and Bronwyn, my nephew Braelyn and me.

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