Thursday, May 21, 2020

Foraging: Morel Mushroom Toad in a Hole

After my initial motherlode haul of morels last month, I have yet to see anything like it in the areas. For those hunters and gatherers who are  either now in season or winding down your area's season, this recipe  will come in handy.  It's a traditional recipe with a spin and perfect for showcasing the earthy, meaty  nuttiness of a morel. I used one side of a bagel, with the center cut into a square just big enough to hold the egg.

The morels are sauteed lightly in North African olive oil and a scant pat of butter and set aside. 
The egg is then cracked into the center of the bagel in a small nonstick pan,with a turn of the pan of olive oil and the rest of the pat of butter, over medium heat.
SPST. (Salt and Pepper to Suit Taste)
Cover with a lid and cook until  desired egg consistency is reached. 
Toast the center of the bagel alongside the cooking egg.
Towards the end of cooking time of egg, arrange the morels along the perimeter of the bagel.
Drizzle the toasted bagel square with Buckwheat honey for a real contrast and complement to the toasty magnificence. 
Garnish with chives and fresh parsley, if desired.
Makes 1 .

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