Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hip Hip HooRAMEN!

"These are a few of my favorite things..." I probably have about 19 different kinds of Ramen. Aside from being attracted to the colorful marketing, they come in handy if I feel under the weather. My favorite is Kimchi. The kids are completely consumed right now by Anime, especially Boku No Hero Academia and Naruto.  Consumed may be an understatement, they are obsessed! I am the same way about X-Men.  Marvel Comics and everything about it, is my muse.
 The Kids are partial to what the characters eat as well, constantly commenting on what the food illustrations look like,  Onigiri, Sashimi and Ramen bowls being examples. The kids fantasize about how good the dishes must taste.
I made a Ramen Bowl for Bronwyn this weekend past, with the eggs and runny yolks, fresh chives from the Herb Garden, a slice of Prime Rib and lots of broth! She loved it and went right back into her zone, tummy full of edible love and Ramen, looking to the next time I'd present for her again.  The kids love having a chef/mom.  I love that I can accommodate the ideas that pop into their heads.   We even have our sets of chopsticks, not the throw away kind, but custom, personally picked sets from a selection of many.  We get them from the Asian market, where we travel a half hour to go, it's our favorite!

There are so many types of Ramen, it has become somewhat of a hobby.   I am always on the lookout for new and exciting ones, anxious to try and compare to others I've had, but I end up not wanting to eat them.  I like knowing they are in my possession, ready to enjoy and pretty inexpensive.  I've only tried one in particular that I put on the do not ever buy again list.  It came in a small foil container, complete with either an egg or piece of tofu.  I read the ingredient call for sodium, calories and fats and thought there was  no way it was accurate.  I prepared and ate some of it and the nightmare began.  I had a serious anxiety attack from the shock to my system, I thought I was going to die.  There was just too much sodium, fat and calories.  I felt sick to the stomach and out of my mind.  Seriously.  I won't even tell others about them because I care what happens to them. This occurred about 2 years ago, but I will never forget the day I was almost 'Super Saiyoned'
 by a noodle bowl.  
Luckily, there are virtually hundreds more to try and the list keeps growing.  The latest ones I found to be pretty awesome are of the Japanese variety called Sapporo Ichiban.  The ones pictured directly above are Korean, they really delivered on the heat and had a good mouthfeel as noodles go.  I was schooled in Noodle by Maruchan in college and they have a special place in my heart.  The beef version is the only kind my daughter Genesis will eat, sans an occasional Chili flavor.  My daughter Bronwyn is just getting over her head over heels, whirlwind  romance with Yakisoba, she is recovering nicely.  Nowadays, she will just take them plain, no bells, no whistles, just Chicken flavored broth and noodles, don't forget the custom chopsticks, gotta have the chopsticks...and a fork.

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