Thursday, July 2, 2020

'Ole Fashioned Bologna Sammich Omelette

For some reason, bologna seems to be a controversial food.  I happen to like it, and so do many of the people here and around the country, so this recipe is for you.  For those who aren't fans, no worries, you can plug in another protein, but this one is awesome, just the way it is.  Bologna comes in many different mediums like pork and chicken, beef, chicken, beef and pork, beef, chicken and turkey etc...and some are better, much better than others.  With some on hand ingredients and a little chopping, you can stave off hunger and enjoy a deconstructed Bologna sandwich, with all the components of a country store version, all in one bite.  

3 large eggs, beaten with a splash of milk or water
3 oz. red ring Bologna,  cut into small chunks, from the roll
Sharp Cheddar Cheese, shredded
1 oz. Hoop cheese, small dice
1/4 c. diced tomato
1 green onion, trimmed and sliced, white and green parts
Olive oil for drizzling
1 pat of butter
Over medium high heat, in a medium pan, sauté the bologna chunks in a pan drizzled with olive oil and the 1/2 pat of butter.
Sauté until showing signs of browning on the sides and add green onion.
Cook until fragrant, about 2 minutes and remove from pan.
Wipe pan clean and drizzle again with olive oil and add remaining butter.
Pour beaten eggs into pan, and swirl around to coat bottom.
Using a rubber spatula, push the curds inward in the pan, so all the liquid egg comes in contact with the bottom of the pan. 
Shake pan back and forth, often.
Reduce heat to medium, and continue with spatula, going around outer edges as well.
Sprinkle Hoop Cheese dice on one side.
Sprinkle entire omelette with cheese.
Add filling to one side of omelette.
Spread tomatoes atop filling.
SPST (Salt and Pepper to Suit Taste)
Angle the pan and flip the light side onto the other side.
Garnish with more cheese if desired.
Serve Immediately.
Makes 1 hearty omelette or 2  portions for sharing.

I served this omelette with pancakes with fresh blueberries and pure Maple Syrup.

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