Thursday, July 9, 2020

Popup 'Chatters' With Family

Taking a break from the heat and the kitchen to talk with family is always a welcome endeavor, even when you feel like you aren't prepared.  My sister Gayle, who is also our neighbor, came by to chat for a bit.  She felt for a snack and I was on board, because I was due for some sustenance too.  I was able to come up with a few 'snacky snacks' for us to share.  With a little help from some random items I had in the fridge and pantry, I created us a fun little platter of melodious flavors, a little unconventional, but no shame here, no props, no fine china, just a meal between sisters, my friends.  
For our chat platter or "Chatter" I came up with some black and white grapes, deli sliced black forest ham, sandwich turkey, sliced pepperoni, slivers of Colby Jack Cheese, multi-grain crackers, Nutter Butters, rice cakes smeared with yummy Justin's Honey Almond Butter, topped with some fantastic Wilkin and Sons LTD Morello Cherry Preserves.  We even had an amazing jar of Riga Gold Brisling Sardines,delicately smoked and perfectly packed in olive oil, in a glass jar, which I was saving for an occasion, just like this one and a side car of Himalayan Pink salt, fresh cracked pepper, Kalamata olives and Dijon mustard.

We casually snacked off plain, white paper towels and used some plastic cutlery, a knife and two forks, to select from our shared meal. We sat on the shaded portion of our newly remodeled patio, at the picnic table that hosted our niece's 8th birthday party, just days ago, the vinyl tablecloth still intact, sporting sprinkles, swirls and ice cream cones, full of color.  If we would have closed our eyes, we could've  been outside any cafe in London, France, Italy or Spain, the wind in our hair, the breeze sweet with summer, yeah, the vibe was marvelous like that.  Gayle loved the flavor combinations, as did my sister Hollie, myself included.  

We had a pleasant time, even in the heat, enjoying each others company, while the moments lasted and the day was more fabulous than hot, more mellow than muggy and just Awesome, Everything was Awesome! Things don't have to be perfect to be perfect, make memories when you can.  One day, it is all we will have....

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