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Monday, July 19, 2021

Royal Chicken


I used a whole pineapple as the base and baster for a Cornish hen recipe and it turned out AAHmazing. 

The revised plan involves a pineapple after you have used a pineapple cutting device that cuts out the meat and makes slices in a couple of easy steps.  The marinated hen is then slid down on the core that remains inside the pineapple and open roasted or grilled until done.  The finished product is then removed from the stub and the stub can then be discarded.  The pineapple in the featured photo shows a bird that sits on a pineapple throne, with part of the pineapple flanking the back side.  This promotes the self basting aspect and leaves roasted pineapple to be sliced and served alongside as a side dish.  

I open roasted the Cornish hen in a 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes.  I then moved it to my smoker and added an elevated, smoky element to the already flavorful protein.  The end result is a tender, moist and absolutely delicious meal for one or light dinner for two.  I used a Kickin' Chicken' rub with a little heat to marinate the chicken, also a bit of liquid aminos, smashed garlic, freshly cracked pepper and a nice glug of olive oil.  I also painted on some of the residual juices with some fresh sage from my herb garden and let those flavors hang out and kiss the bird subtly as it rested.  

I love this dish for several reasons, but most appealing is finding another use for my pineapples when I remove the viable fruit.  The vessel that remains is still full of flavor and juices that can be a perfect cooking add on.  The small tasty bird sits on a throne of golden awesomeness and is fit for a king...or queen, Royal Chicken for the 'commonfolk', Long Live the Queen.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Grilled Cheese Bar: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day Highlights

Grilled Cheese Duo; Bacon and Sauteed Spinach/ Buffalo Ranch Pulled Chicken
Grilled Cheese is like the universal language of delish and its special day (April 11) had to be celebrated accordingly.  I really wanted to make this day memorable for the kiddoes and adults alike by providing a variety of accoutrements to make each sandwich unique.  I started out with breads offering Sourdough, English Toasting, Brioche and Marbled Rye.  The cheeses included American, Extra Sharp and Mild Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, Pepper Jack, Habanero and Pepper Jack Blend, Colby and Monterey Jack, Smoked Provolone and Muenster.  I may have missed one or two, but you get the idea. 

The spreads included regular butter spread, Honey Infused, Garlic and Herbs and Mayonnaise.  Mayo makes for an amazing color and crisp Mukbang style snap when you cut into the sandwich or take a bite!!  The fillings were so much fun. I made a cream cheese based Cheesesteak Spread, made with fire roasted green chilies and Cheesesteak sirloin.  I also made a Buffalo Ranch Chicken Spread, full of savory and spicy shredded chicken breast.  Other accessories included, pepperoni, precooked bacon, Black  Forest ham, Virginia Prosciutto or (thinly sliced Country Ham), Sauteed Spinach with Garlic  and Fresh Gourmet Greens Blend! 

I set up my beloved Blackstone Griddle, 17 inch, Propane, I fricking LOVE LOVE LOVE it, I have been able to entertain my family many a night with my griddle on our patio picnic table, its like Hibachi Outdoors and soooo much fun.  I made Pad Thai one night for dinner and the griddle is perfect for developing the levels of flavor in such a complex and fantastic dish.  Burgers and Hotdogs, no problem, the griddle heats quickly and efficiently, imparting grilled deliciousness in every bite. Power outage, no biggie, this propane powered gem handles the tiny tabletop canisters.  Too hot in the kitchen, pull it out! Take the worry of a food heat source off your mind.  

 The Blackstone Griddle is perfect for making Grilled Cheese for the whole family, all at once.  The seasoned surface is the key to  a gorgeous bark with a great crunch and mouthfeel,  as demonstrated in some of the masterpieces we created that evening.  A good grilled cheese sandwich is hard to beat and when your family can customize it to their exact standard, dinner will be seamless and unforgettable, just like your first bite!!

Grilled Cheese Meatlover's Supreme

Grilled Cheese w/3 Cheeses and Sauteed Spinach

 Make your next family meal amazing by having a Grilled Cheese Bar, your family won't soon forget it!! The spreads were so delicious, we used them for sandwiches the next day!  Plan to do it again the next night, for even more combinations you didn't get to try the first time around!  Stay tuned for the fabulous Cheesesteak and Buffalo Ranch Pulled Chicken Spread recipes , coming up in my next few posts! 

Friday, June 28, 2019

Complementary Beverages: National Independent Beer Run Day

In moderation, a nice IPA can be just what you need to beat the heat.  This spectacular brew featured above, goes will with fun in the sun and food, especially grub on the grill.   A dear friend of mine picked this up for me to see if I would approve.  He was applauded for a job well done.  It complimented our seafood fare perfectly too.  It is filled with citrusy notes with great body, fragrant and potent, a couple will do nicely.  There are even hint of grapefruit, very bright and complex, yet smooth.  I got these before we went on vacation, I still have one left.  This is all I've caught since fishing season kicked off, a good catch though might I add. I'll keep trying. Remember, the 3rd of July is National Independent Beer Run Day, so keep the craft beer brewers and small batch businesses in mind and celebrate responsibly!

Fourth of July: Decadent Frozen Desserts

A great way to celebrate Independence Day is with thanks, fellowship,  good food, grilling, booze  fireworks and fantastic desserts. With summer in full swing, any attempt to stay cool is welcome.  Nothing like frozen pie on a stick to round out a magnificent evening.  What's better, this pie is a Roasted Pumpkin Cream Pie, recipe by yours truly.  If you can't get into pumpkin, freeze your favorite pie and cut into serving slices. I used corn on the cob sticks to hold my pie in place, placing the stick in the pie after about 1 hour into freezing process.  Dip the slice of pie into dipping chocolate and place in freezer again, until nice and set.  To add festive and wonderful flair, place in individual sleeve and add colorful and relevant ribbon to tie it all off.  You can give them out for dessert or as a parting gift from the fantastic blowout of a cookout you had.  Your friends will remember it for years to come.