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Friday, March 13, 2020

The Connection Between Pan Fried Rainbow Trout and the Coronavirus

Now that I have your attention, please be sure to practice proper hand washing techniques, especially during this time of growing concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus.  We need to make certain that we keep our electronic devices, door knobs, handles and surfaces clean by wiping them down with disinfectants, like wipes and sprays. We need to try our best to keep our hands away from our orifices  or eyes, nose and mouth.
Household bleach diluted will also help eliminate unwanted critters on surfaces we come in contact with.  Try to avoid large crowds and those under the weather, to do your part in slowing this Pandemic.  Together, even in the face of uncertainty about the ins and outs of this not so new virus, we can find comfort in knowing that all we can do, we will.  To make sure you are washing your hands for the proper duration, try singing along to BINGO, two times aloud or in your head.  Encourage your kiddoes to do so also.
Cater to your personal need by finding a snippet of a song you love and count  20 seconds in.  This will be your gauge and you can use this song over and over again. Get your children to do the same with their favorite songs right now and it becomes much easier to enforce. We all know how tweens and teens, as well as the younger crowds love to sing their favorites at the top of their lungs. Make sure you are washing the backs of your hands, between fingers, up the wrists and soap them liberally. Wash in a rubbing back and forth fashion.  Turn water source off with your elbow or paper towel or you are going to reintroduce the germs right back onto your hands.  Use a paper towel to open the door if you are in public, if at home, be sure to sanitize the knob regularly.
Hand sanitizer is okay, but only if you cannot get to a sink to physically wash them.  With proper hand washing techniques, you can be sure that when you are enjoying a meal or snack and using your hands, you are not introducing viral invaders into your body.  Pan fried trout is delicious, but you can't really enjoy it when you are ill.  Stay vigilant and lets get through this.