Monday, July 2, 2012

Cheesesteak Bar!!

Looking for a cookout experience with a little flair.  Set up a cheesesteak bar!!!  I created one for our get together yesterday and it was a big hit!!  It's pretty easy and your friends and family will love building their own cheesesteaks to suit their personal tastes.  Throw in a couple of easy appetizers and  side dishes and you have an awesome meal to remember.  I made a simple dip of cheese sauce and Rotel or other tomato and chilies blend heated until bubbling  and served it with plenty of tortilla chips.  I also made a Hawaiian Style roasted wings.  For the cheesesteak bar, I made a master batch with both sliced and chopped steak for texture variance.  I used a very large cast iron skillet to cook the components of the cheesesteak on the grill over charcoal.  It really infuses the veggies and steak with a wonderful smoky flavor. I had both sub and hotdog buns for stuffing.  I added green and orange peppers, sliced onions and mushrooms.  I made the steak extra savory by using Better Than Bouillon in place of salt.  It really adds depth and long simmered flavor especially  to  quick cooking meats.  I also added julienne of pepperoni for more texture and taste.  Arrange all the fixings like lettuce, tomatoes, two types of cheese, dill pickle slices, banana peppers, bread and butter chips, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.  Throw in some steamed corn and pasta salad and the rest will take care of itself. For dessert, put out some fresh,water rich fruit like cantaloupes and watermelons.  This is an event definitely for special occasions and small groups because it can get costly, but it is totally worth the expense when you see the smiles on your guests' faces.  

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