Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Southern Comfort Foods!

Food can provide more than just sustenance and the building blocks for our body's physical and biological functions.  Food has been used as a glue for bringing families together via gatherings and special events.  We seek out certain foods when older that bring us comfort when we consume them, because they remind us of a time and place when things were less chaotic and have the psychological ability to lift our spirits when feeling low.  I can't really call it Southern Comfort Foods when I cook, because being from the south, (more like middle eastern south) these are foods I learned to prepare at a young age and and have been doing so concurrently to present day.  The foods you may have to travel to mom's or grandma's to eat every now and then, are a part of my regular menu planning.  You wouldn't have to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy delicious Turkey and Stuffing with Yams and Broccoli Casserole. Easter is not the only time for delicious Ham, Yeast Rolls and Baked Macaroni and Cheese with a hearty helping of homemade Potato Salad.  Meatloaf with Savory Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans long simmered with ham fat is no stranger here.  Creamy Banana Pudding and Sweet Potato Cake with Poppy Seed Caramel Glaze, yeah I make those too. I  have developed those recipes with my own unique spin and I dare say  that I execute them rather well.  Basically, you can precipitate those comforting feelings at will and on the regular, being once every couple of months for time's sake and our waists' sake respectively. That being said, today's menu consists of BBQ Country Style Ribs, Garlic Scented Carrots w/ Peas, and hand picked greens that had been frozen from last harvest.  This menu invokes what I'd like to call SO-CO Nostalgia in that when I hear these foods names, especially the bbq country ribs, I automatically think of Sunday dinners and cookouts and spending time with my family, whom I hold dear.  I get that same feeling preparing these foods and when my people enjoy them so it's a win- win situation, full circle.  My comfort comes from knowing my family will enjoy those meals whole heartedly and give feedback on the highest points as well as possible ideas to make them even better.  Most of the time, they wouldn't change a thing, and that's really a comforting thought!

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