Sunday, July 22, 2012


I am always enthusiastic about developing recipes and sharing them with friends and family.  I especially appreciate it when certain recipes stand out to my family members and they request   an encore appearance!!  Last summer, I really began to work on recipes with zucchini because it was so abundant in our gardens and versatile, not to mention very nutritious. I created various muffin and cake recipes and found a happy medium that my sister Bonnie and her husband really liked.  With this in mind, Bonnie recalled a cake I made last summer and requested one for her family!! Naturally, I obliged!  With a little brainstorming, I made slight alterations and put the recipe to paper.  I tweaked and fine tuned until I felt that I'd achieved a recipe that people would want to re-create at home.  The result is a very moist and quite delicious product that could easily WOW your taste buds into melodious submission.  Lemon zest and shredded coconut contributes to the bright citrusy notes and the texture.  Buttermilk lends amazing moisture and flavor. Unsweetened cocoa deliver mellow chocolate tones and  rich color. Two types of sugar add balance and the subtle molasses imparts color and more flavor abound!  This cake is made completely from scratch including a Vanilla Buttermilk Frosting that really brings the recipe together.  I'm still debating on keeping the recipe as a signature cake or sharing with everyone because I think it's pretty awesome.  Not being pompous in the least, I judge this idea on the fact that my girls loved it and my sister Hollie who doesn't normally indulge in sweets, said it 'made her mouth say Mmm'! LOL.  Last but not least, my mom thought highly of it as well, and she is my most discerning critic! I take that as a win for team Neillio! Go me! It's my Birthday...CAKE!

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