Thursday, October 16, 2014

Greek Salad Burger

Flavors from Greece and an American favorite hit head-on for a fabulous burger that's a fast 3 course meal in one.  The patty is 1/4 pound of ground beef and the fixings are packed with fantastical Greek salad ingredients including a healthy dollop of store bought Tzatziki sauce.  Fresh whole leaves of oregano, from my herb garden, bring bright and fresh highlights to this sandwich and marries perfectly to the toasted Potato bun.
 This dish is super for a speedy dinner night , especially if you have become bored with just plain old burgers and fries.  You may easily substitute another protein like lamb, turkey, chicken or pork, depending on your preference. The ready to cook beef patties, however, lend to the time saving aspect and represent the dish very well.  Good ole American Sharp Cheddar seals the proverbial deal for a delicious, nutritious and kinda messy meal, bring plenty of napkins!
4 1/4 lb. good quality beef patties
seasoned salt
green leaf lettuce
sliced olives
thinly sliced red onion
sliced tomato
store bought Tzatziki sauce
4 slices Sharp Cheddar
4 Potato buns
fresh oregano leaves
olive oil for drizzling
Cook beef  patties sprinkled with a scant amount of seasoned salt and cumin to 160*F or desired doneness.  Add 1 slice of cheese to each.
Meanwhile, drizzle the separated buns with olive oil and toast under the broiler.
Smear buns with a small amount of Tzatziki to act as a glue.
Place green leaf lettuce leaf or two on bottom bun.
Add patty.
Place a large dollop of Tzatziki sauce on top of burger.
Add sliced olives, onion, tomato and fresh oregano leaves as desired.
SPST and drizzle with olive oil.
Place bun top.
Serves 4.

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