Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Jamaican Me Dinner Tonight

I ran across this authentic Caribbean jerk marinade called Walkerswood, (hot and spicy of course) in a local supermarket, some months ago.  For my protein, I used cuts of pork loin and allowed it to marinate for 24 hours+.  The results were phenomenal.  The spice blend shone through bright with smells and flavors of nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon. These are all warm spices with distinct presence.  Along with thyme, black pepper and even ginger, this marinade packs a delicious and culture rich punch to the tastebuds, and the heat is a balanced and hearty luxury.  An open roast or low flame would serve this protein best, illuminating the flavor profile and closer to its true Jerk meaning.  I am without the traditional steel drum or cooking kettle, but your grill will do just fine. 
 I paired this island delight with some Jasmine Rice cooked in chicken stock and Thai Peanut sauce marinated chickpeas!  The flavors were complementary and filling.  Some chopped sage and thyme from my herb garden, accompanies pork very well.  The heat of the marinated pork is balanced by the mild rice, spicy sweet with Thai Chili Sauce and the Mellow, Nutty and sweet flavor profile of the nutritous and vitamin rich garbanzo beans. I also spiked them with a dash of fish sauce. The combination of four different cuisines on the same plate, Jamaican, Thai, Chinese and Indian, overlap and connect with just a few ingredients. Many cultures cuisines are just that, a melding of all the individual groups of people, leaving their marks along their paths through the world.  I like that. 

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