Monday, June 29, 2020

Grillin', Chillin' and Avoiding Electrocution

If you enjoy having a nice flame kissed protein on the grill, now is the time.  Going out is a real treat if it's in your budget or can be done safely, but you can save time and money, just doing it at home or on a family outing.  The cabin where we stayed offers a fabulous grilling area that includes a picnic table, grill and a post for hanging and cleaning fish or lanterns, the choice would be yours.  With the price of beef, pork and chicken beginning to skyrocket in some places, it may be a good idea to grab a cut of steak or two now, as opposed to later, when the prices may be insufferable.  I was able to get these steaks at a great price on this particular day, under $15, for 5!!!  I chose thinly cut Ribeyes and New York Strips, all quickly marinated in a combination of Dale's, fresh garlic and olive oil.  I like to add a splash of seasoned rice vinegar for a burst of acid and tang.  Also for its tenderizing properties.  The zucchini were marinated in an item new to me, Mushroom Flavored Soy Sauce, I found at the local grocer on location and also a bit of the rice vinegar and fresh lemon juice.  
I fought the rain in an effort to get my grill on, while on our trip.  There was a small break in the maelstrom of torrential downpours of about an hour.  By the time I infused the steaks with enough smokiness from the hickory chips and had them browned on both sides, they had cooked through because of their thin cuts.  Like many times before during that week, I had to run for cover, of course not before snapping a couple of photos to share. The rain wasn't so much of an issue, as was the rumbling and tumbling of the thunder, accompanied by lightning, that reverberated through the sky and objects around me.  'High stakes grilling, with a lot at steak' lol pun intended without a doubt, but I had to get at least one grilled dinner out of 7 nights. Afterwards, I was free to chill and finish dinner with leisurely sides I had on hand.  I do not recommend the aforementioned, even remotely playing around with weather notices, thunder and lightning, only the grilling portion! 

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