Saturday, March 7, 2020

Judgy Cereal

Okay, so I saw these cereal at the supermarket on sale, along with some others, so I took advantage of the bargains.  I thought it would be good and a welcome change to the tween and teens, breaking up the monotony that can come with always getting a particular set of cereal when shopping for your kids.  Well, it so happens that Ryan's World™ and Baby Shark™ cereal were the select bargains.  I grabbed a box of each and headed home.
When after school snack time came, I  presented the trio with them as options. Unbeknownst to me, those were "kids cereal" and the brood actually refused to eat them.  The Nerve, Right!? So I find myself pouring the cereal into zip type bags and getting rid of the boxes, so they could come back down to earth and partake.  I ultimately ended up eating most of the cereal, since taking away the boxes was a foiled attempt at "Mother Woman™" magic!
On this particular day, I decided to grab a bowl of cereal, since I like vitamins and minerals too.  I was having my cereal somewhat on auto pilot, going through my mental rolodex of my day's appointments and such, one of which consisted of a trip to my Rheumatology doctor, for my mom also.  For some reason, my glance down to take a bite forced me to linger a bit.  This is when I saw the above image.  I had to laugh at the indifferent expression the cereal literally had on its face.  I knew no one would believe it, so I carefully and gently eased from my seat at the kitchen  table and made my way to my bedroom where my phone was charging.  I managed to keep it as is and was able to capture this photo, luckily I have voice activated photo option.
The face above pretty much sums it up.  I wondered if the cereal was mimicking my usual expression or telling me to 'just get it over with'. I wasn't sure, but it sure did make me laugh trying to figure it out.  Since there was no other way to spare the 'Judgy Cereal', I sentenced it to a quick and tasty end.
Laughter is food for the soul, gorge on it!

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