Saturday, January 16, 2021

Prosperity Brownies 2021

Happy New Year and all that jazz.  I can say with fair certainty, that we are all glad it is in our rear view mirrors.  These brownies are an homage to the promise of a brighter year, more time enjoying family and friends, better decisions, more unity, understanding and growth, Prosperity.  
This year has presented with muted tones of 2020, and some audacity galore, but there may be hope yet.  Maybe it starts with a good recipe for brownies!  I created this dish for my bestie, a dear mutual friend of ours and my girls, to nosh on while watching Sunday Night Football and a series of animated delights like the Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, and Family Guy.  
We paired the warm cake-like brownies with some Vanilla Bean ice cream, much to our satisfaction.  Admittedly, I am more of a fudgy brownie kind of girl, but this recipe proved worthy and down right fabulous.  I am glad that I can start  the New Year strong, with a new brownie recipe sure to please and designed to be eaten with the ones you adore. Here's to taking a big, warm and gooey bite out of a prosperous new annual chapter.  Cheers!
Warm Prosperity Brownie w/ Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

1 1/3 c. self rising flour, sifted
1 c. granulated and light brown sugar, mixed together, (1/2 c. each)
8 oz. semisweet chocolate chips, melted
4 tbsp. full fat sour cream
2 large eggs, slightly beaten
2/3 c. vegetable oil
3 tbsp. salted butter, melted and cooled
2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 c. Reese's Pieces or other favorite stir in, optional
1/2 c. semisweet chocolate chips, plus more for garnish if desired
Non stick cooking spray
parchment paper
"9X"13 inch baking dish 

Preheat oven to 350* F.
Line and grease baking dish with a slightly over-sized sheet of parchment paper.
Combine flour and salt and set aside.
Microwave 8 oz. chocolate chips until softened, about 30 seconds. 
Stir the chips until smooth.
Add sour cream to the melted chocolate and blend well by stirring vigorously. This will keep the chocolate from hardening before incorporating into other ingredients.
In a medium mixing bowl, cream sugar, eggs, butter and vegetable oil.
Incorporate melted chocolate into creamed mixture and blend.
Gradually add flour to chocolate creamed mixture, careful not to over mix, stirring and folding only until 
 Pour into baking dish and spread evenly across dish.  Sprinkle half of batter with Reese's Pieces and 
Sprinkle on 1/2 c. chocolate chips onto whole batter surface.
The Reese's will sink completely as it bakes.
Bake until toothpick inserted comes out clean, about 30 minutes, less for fudgy ones, about 25 minutes.
Remove from oven and immediately sprinkle with more chocolate chips, if desired.
Allow brownies to cool for about 15 minutes to serve warm with ice cream or about 1 hour to serve cool and for easier cutting.  
The surprise comes in when you get a square that contains both chocolate and peanut butter flavors!!!
"Seriously though, who the Hell wants to wait a whole hour?" Asking for a friend, Literally! (I was really asked this question while the brownies cooled and I literally lol-ed)

Prosperity Brownies fresh out of the oven! Some servings will harbor a Peanut Buttery surprise.


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