Thursday, June 27, 2019

Cherry Cherie Fo Ferry

Snacking on the road can get pretty unhealthy if you are not careful.  So when you see a farmstand, get out there and grab some goodness, your body will thank you for it. We got these cherries from Moore's Farm Stand in Clarksville. Moore's offers a delectable array of fresh fruits and veggies, locally grown and done so with love.   I remembered how delicious they were the year before, when we grabbed a bag for the ride home nibbling.  They were super juicy and fantastic.  This year I stopped by and we got several cantaloupes and peaches and rounded it out with a pound of cherries.  The cherries are only $5 a bag and worth every penny.  Admittedly, this batch did not trump the bag from last year, but they were still Yum!
Cherries are a wonderful fruit choice, full of good for you vitamins and minerals.  They are rich in antioxidants, some that may slow down aging process and promote cell growth.  It is suggested that they help thwart belly fat, ease insomnia and aid in digestive health.
From the  Stone Fruit family,  cherries are also said to help with joint pain and inflammation of the joints, making it excellent in the treatment of the gout, which is a painful inflammation affecting the joints of the body, especially the hands and feet.  Cherries also help stave off infections.  It's a Win Win situation!  My oldest sister has the same name, spelled differently, Cherie.  I wonder if she knows how good her name is for her? 

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