Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hoppin'Good: Getting Your Summer Legs Ready

They may not look appetizing, but these legs are some good eatins', for those who dare to try!  Frog legs have their most popularity in the lower portions of the states, namely Louisiana and the bayou area.  I'm glad they made their way up.  Frog Legs have been popular in French, Chinese, as well as other international cuisines for centuries.
I threw in some fresh rosemary for more fresh depth of flavor!

Frog Legs may be baked, broiled,grilled, sauteed or fried.  I like texture and flavor of the fried method, because it enables the protein to be cooked with a protective coating which helps retain moisture.   This past week, I decided to do something a little different with my legs. I cut them apart, for aesthetics and for appetizer appeal.   I marinated them in an egg and milk bath overnight.  I also added a bit of Wye River Seasoning,which is Ah-mazing on your seafood or anywhere you want a taste of the rivers and oceans, try it on popcorn!

The overnight bath helped to develop the flavors of the legs and removed any possible river fishy taste, which I have noticed before and don't particularly prefer.  The meat came out nice, white and not dense.  The crunchy outer crust was a perfect compliment to the supple and juicy interior.  They were very satifying to me and the crew.  Besides,what goes better with a cozy cabin in the woods, with family, on Buggs Island Lake, like some crispy fried critters and catch of the day catfish, steam grilled to flaky perfection, blooming with fresh rosemary (brought from my herb garden) and banana shallot, butter and olive oil! My sister Bonnie really "put her foot in it" Man oh Man!  We tag teamed the menu and entertaining and kicked a$$!  We'll go more into that phrase in a later post, it's actually a pretty interesting one.
 Our spread that day consisted of grilled ribeye steaks, burgers and hotdogs. There was the grilled, whole catfish foil packs, steamed large shrimp, grilled asparagus, yellow rice, whole portobellos, deep fried frog legs, two magnificent cheeses, Champagne and Smoked Gouda with Bacon with crackers, various libations including Tropic Canon IPA which is loaded with citrusy goodness and Summer Shandy, which complimented the menu perfectly.  Ahh, delicious memories of this week past. If only vacations lasted forever...

Pairs deliciously with Summertime and Grilling Seafood!

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