Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Power in Flowers

Nature makes the most wonderful things.  The brilliant colors of the rainbow burst with life here, there and everywhere.  Signs of  burgeoning luminescence spread its cheer from house to house, lawn to lawn.   We envelope ourselves with the gardening spirit and wholeheartedly take on the task of being gatekeepers to the fledgling slips and plants, some seeds.  Old, new, borrowed and blue flowers adorn and vine along trellises and walls, little patches of happiness for all to see.  Some of these precious flowers turn into our beloved squashes; zucchini, crooked neck, spaghetti, pattypan, butternut, acorn and even pumpkins! Yes, pumpkins are in the same family as squashes called cucurbits. 
Other flowers bring our salad accessories like tomatoes and cucumbers!  It's such a wonder that flowers bring forth perfect morsels, designed for our bodies, just as it is. Magical. When you see flowers in a garden, you can best believe that there are goodies and delicacies to come.  Some of these gifts are for canning, some for immediate gratification and some for sharing.  There is power there. They can sustain us...if we let them. They have the power to cleanse, mend and heal, they help prevent.
Flowers can show people that we care, brighten our spirits, showing love and condolences, thank yous and welcomes, they bring wishes of well being when we are down.  They mark milestones and special occasions; pruning and caring for them offer respite, therapy and exercise, a gaggle of benefits, just being themselves.
And to think, all of this is happening inside these tiny little seeds, preordained to become its alter ego, edibles or adornments. All that DNA, packed inside vessels, some smaller than a mustard seed, the same one made reference to in the bible.
They already know what to do and how to do it, like magic.  They can grow in the most dire straits, against all odds and still flourish! We could only hope to be as efficient.  

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