Wednesday, June 5, 2019

DIY Serving Boards 2: Serving Up A Message

I had some more fun customizing my bamboo cutting boards.  I am happy with these results as well.  If you may recall from my first installment Hearts and Crafts: DIY Serving Boards, I created the design using a six pack ring.  This was a wonderful project to share with my youngest, Bronwyn.  I was actually having so much fun with it, It didn't feel like work at all.  Completion took about 1/2 hour, give or take and I was sad to reach the end.  I was satisfied with the overall design, which I made up as I went along, but most of all, the message.  Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.
There is a little something we all can do to reduce our imprint on the Earth, from reusing sour cream or other plastic containers as disposable storage vessels, to refilling your used water bottles with suitable drinking from the store bought gallon or water from home.  We have well water that extends down about 330 feet underground and I think it's better than any bottled water I've had to date! There's nothing wrong with picking up trash that isn't your own along the roadside, it makes your area more beautiful.  Separating plastics and metals etc. at home is awesome.  Composting, if you have the space and/or a garden, is great too.  Remember every bit counts.  The next time you serve up some delicious sandwiches, cheese and crackers or charcuterie, serve it with a message; one of hope, preserving our future and extending our relationship with Mother Earth, Bon Appetit!

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