Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Surf, Turf and Earth: A Trifecta of Taste Matrimony

Surf and Turf  (seafood and red meat) are on menus all over the world.  I like the combo, but I also love to throw a little Earth in there too.  The Earth is a delicious Portobello mushroom.  It is common to get a steak smothered in onions and mushrooms for a flavorful and amazing bite, time after time.  Not often if ever, do you find a whole portobello topping the steak, which is what I did.  Vegetarians can omit the Turf and have a magnificent Surf and Earth ( portobello and shrimp). Vegans can swap out the Surf and Turf, for Earth and Earth ( portobello and potato).  Keto-Gurus can have it as is, minus the potato, everybody wins.
The above photo is of my dinner of "leftovers" in our hotel room.  It was a lovely room equipped with a cute little kitchenette, so we were able to bring along and store all the provisions we didn't use at the Cabin.  I made it a point to cook all perishables and place them in foil and zip locks to be easily reheated from our cozy and spacious lake view room at Hotel Magnuson.

Our Twilight view from our balcony of Buggs Island Lake, breathtaking!

For dinner, on the eve of our last night, I treated myself to a sit down dinner date meal, party of one, with a view of the gorgeous sunset out of our window.  The meal included a grilled ribeye, sliced and piled high, drizzled with my favorite sauce, Rufus Teague, Honey Sweet,  grilled asparagus, an amazingly flavorful and smoky grilled portobello, topped with some Smoked Gouda w/Bacon cheese, melted down into its woodsy gills.  I popped a potato in the microwave for a quick and pillowy, light side, sprinkled it  with tangy and bold blue cheese and finished it off with some steamed, seasoned shrimp!
I know the disposable plate and "lazy plating" doesn't do it justice, but Hey, it's a leisurely occasion, in a no stress zone and in the end, a little less cleanup for the 'ole gal. I am ole gal. lol

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