Friday, June 28, 2019

Coffee and Painting, Painting and Coffee

I made some time for myself and took to painting as a special treat with my spare time.  My girls painted too and had completed their masterpieces early on in our trip.  I was determined to not be the one left behind, considering it was my idea as one of our family activities while out of town. This picture is inspired by 5 o'clock in the morning and my 'constant companion", coffee.  Usually when I buy coffee out, it's always a bit too strong, I prefer a weaker version to sip on throughout the day with less of a caffeine imprint. The coffee for sale is designed to be a one stop shop, strong enough to do the trick in one cup.  I enjoy coffee, hot or cold, day or night, kinda weak, I probably need to work on that, but that's something for another day!
 My painting is inspired also by impressionism and the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets of our vacation.  I hadn't painted since high school and was rather nervous and apprehensive about actually producing a finished product.  Uneasy at first, but as I stayed vigilant and decided it was a judgement free zone, then my painting started to come together.  With the absence of some of the colors, unfortunately forgotten at home, I did my best.  After about roughly 1 hour, I felt my project was complete.  I like it! 
Genesis completed her painting at the Cabin, it's title is "Ladybug Madness" and I think it's awesome. She is an aspiring artist and wants to continue in the Art field.  She certainly is creative enough and brimming with ideas.  Bronwyn completed a painting too, I may add her photo later, she is at a tweenage impasse right now, and I didn't want to upset her applecart, so depending on her mood, we'll see if I can share.  Tweens and Teens, they are so like whatever!

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