Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dining with the Stars

The other day I had the pleasure of having dinner with 3 of my sisters and the fiance of one.  The air was perfumed by the aromas of  a well stocked grill, permeating the air as would the smell of fresh cut grass on a spring morning.  The cool, crisp chopped salad with quartered hard boiled eggs and a little Japanese White Sauce, was a welcomed guest in my stomach and it's demand to be satiated.  The smoke infused mussels complemented the grilled corn perfectly, it's sweetness harmonious and balanced, bright, complex.  The style of the steak was strip, well done.  I prefer mine medium rare, but the ambiance of the evening remedied that shortcoming with compliant resolve, while I noted the delicate notes of black pepper and coarsely ground sea salt.  The creatures of the night competed valiantly with the low tones of pop music that ebbed and flowed through the speakers, as they pumped and reverberated to the mood of the night.  The children had eaten earlier, so the "Mommy, Can You's?"and the "Mommy, Will You's?", had been subdued at least for the moment, tranquility.  As I slowly chewed  bites from my share of the bounty placed before me, between comments and quieted laughter, I happened to glance up at the sky.  Billions of twinkling stars contributed to the overall tawny glow of this evening, providing the perfect dimmer switch, which was decidedly blue-black.  The stars were watching, listening, absorbing the energy we  exuded with smug  complacency, a little salty, jealous even, fore there was no more room at the table!!!

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