Saturday, June 2, 2012

Looks like Rain, Smells like a Carnival!

Well this evening consisted of gobs of rain, tornado watches  and warnings.   The sky was ominous and heavy with the swell of promised rain. Translation- SCARY MOVIE NITE!  The kids fare was pizza and G movies.  For the adults, loaded steak and cheese subs on wheat.  Red, yellow and orange mini peppers shone brightly amongst the sauteed onions and mushrooms.  Two types of cheese, well actually about  5 including cheddar and an Italian blend.  Shrewn with chiffonade of fresh spinach to pack in the B vitamins and play house with vitamin C and other goodies that the peppers, onions and mushrooms bring to the table.  Oh Yeah, the savory chopped steak is speckled with julienne of pepperoni for the maximum MOTHER LOAD OF FLAVOR.  Guilt levels are minimal, since I carefully drained the excess fat, as not to mimic some run of the mill carnival nosh!!  Even if the movies turn out to be DUDS, the sub is over the top with a handful of crab chips in tow!  Life is good!!

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