Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wu U Cookin'?

Happy Sunday All!  Just another relaxing Sunday kicking it with the family and wrapping up another beer induced NASCAR race.  Well, water for me, I drank a couple on Friday.  I put on a maintenance  free dinner of beef roast with celery and onions.  I really love my Le Creuset French oven.  I got a super deal on EBay about 2 years ago and it is a godsend.  Self basting and even heating make for a wonderfully moist and delicious piece of protein, no matter what the animal.  We noshed on store bought stuffed scallops during the race, which left much to be desired.  Nonetheless, the beef roast is amazing and coupled with garlic mashed potatoes and probably a zucchini slaw with a rice wine vinaigrette,  I say this dinner's a winner with the home team.  The family is playing a round of yard golf, which is surprisingly entertaining.  The exercise is the best part, while currently I'm only exercising my fingers!!:)  

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