Friday, June 15, 2012

Posh Little Social!

It's me again.  Just in case you can't make it to the wine festival tomorrow, doesn't mean you can't have a nice tasting of wines with foods at home and invite a few friends.  Simply get a couple of types of cheese, say a hard and a semi-soft cheese, like cheddar and Gorgonzola or a semi-ripened cheese with a rind like brie and an aged cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano.  Find fruit to complement the cheeses.  For example, granny  smith apples and grapes complement Cheddar cheese.  Figs, plums, peaches and dried fruits work well with semi ripened cheeses like Blue and Brie.  Goat cheese goes rather well with jams and honey. Get two types of crackers like whole grain and veggie.  Find a couple of wines with notes to complement the palate of the cheeses and crackers together.  You may want to try a wine with strong forward fruits like a Mirassou's Pinot Grigio or a Clos Du Bois' Riesling.  These will complement the sweet tones of the fresh fruit.  The brie and the blue cheese may work better with full bodied reds like Gnarly Head's Cabernet Sauvignon named so for the way the vines grow!  It's super fun to pair foods and wines on your own, because each palate is different, as are our tastes.  Find out what works for you and amaze yourself and friends at how good you have become at tasting the notes and layers of wines.

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