Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Your new BFF!!

I was in and out of the kitchen the other day and I wanted something good and satisfying, without the labor!!  I searched my on hand, ready to eat options and came up with quite an interesting combination that was down right tasty!!  I had some seeded Italian  loaf, some smoky bacon already cooked, some baked crinkle cut french fries, and a batch of fresh picked French Mesclun greens from our garden.  I tossed the greens with a little good quality extra virgin olive  oil and vinegar, s and p to taste and set it aside.  I  added mayo for glue and loaded on a pile of baked fries on one side of  the 1/4 inch slices I made from the loaf.  I then added a few scant pieces of the smoky bacon and added about 1 cup of greens to the other side slice and brought them together. Oh, and a nice squeeze of SRIRACHA.  Capsacin, a chemical found in foods like peppers and chilies is said to raise the metabolism by as much as 15%.  Every little bit helps right!
 Sandwiches are a great way to get your "5" a day in especially when you pair them with bacon.  Baked french fries provide virtually no fat and the tangy oil and vinegar meshes well with the sesame studded Italian loaf.  Try it for yourself and you too may have a new BFF  with staying power, Bacon, French fries, and French salad greens.

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