Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lettuce Tablescapes

Aside from being nutritious, bright and part of a balanced diet, salad greens can also serve as wonderful and organic decorative piece.  I took some designer lettuce from my garden, roots and all and placed them in a glass mug and a vase.  By designer I mean greens from a French Mesclun blend.  There are many different types of endive, spinach and chard and they work great in many different combinations.  The beauty of these tablescapes is that they are edible.  It encourages consumption and helps to cycle it out so you won't have to throw it out.  These Lettucescapes keep for several days and are fully hydrated and fresh.  I rinsed in cold water before using and they taste awesome.  So  brighten up the place while you work on the waist for virtually pennies on the dollar!!  Experiment and see what other veggies in the garden, green and otherwise to see what radical combos you can achieve and have fresh produce at your disposal without having to make several trips outback.

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