Saturday, June 2, 2012

Remembering Britney

Today marks a day of great sadness for my family and many friends who had the pleasure of knowing my kid cousin Britney A. Smith.  She departed this life one year ago today, on a day as sunny as this but forever overcast in our hearts.  Lovingly referred to by close family as "Titney", for reasons of early endowments :).  Her smile was as broad as a summer day is long. Britney's laugh could resonate  to the levels of warm and melodious breezes, in and around our faces and souls.  Outspoken and not afraid to agree to disagree, Britney, like me, had aspirations of pursuing a career as an executive chef.  We compared notes and gave each other feedback on recipes, as well as ideas therein.  We grilled on the lake for several days prior to her departure and I assisted upon request as always.  
I remember her requesting her hotdogs "kinda burnt" on one side, as we prepared her plate and commenting on how 'fat' I knew she was, referring to her pregnancy and cravings at the time.  She will always be sorely missed and a piece of our hearts will always belong to  her and preserving her  memory, for the rest of our journeys!   
I still have the piece of Shepherd's Casserole I came up with, awaiting  her critique. I froze it.   It is frozen in time as was the day she left, and she didn't get to come pick it up!  I don't know if I will ever be able to throw it out.  I think she would have liked it!!  We love You Britney. 

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