Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well the kids made it back from the nature hike in  one piece, thank goodness!!  Along with thirst and rumbly tumblies (tummies), they also brought back about ONE HUNDRED TICKS!!  I KNOW RIGHT!!  Big ones, small ones, seed ticks and their cousins all in tow.  All over their shoes, shorts, shirts, undies, leggings, and skin!!!  The kids were nice and calm, but there was a quiet storm brewing inside me.  I scanned and scoured their bodies and clothes with an eagle eye, finding the little harbingers of itch and ill, making sure none were left to ravage my little munchkins into histamine overload.  I gave the kids a good soothing bath with scrub and went back over them again to be on the safe side.  We made it through this encounter with the little buggers, but I had to remember  the kids were on the ticks' turf.  The woods and trees are where they hang out.  Also, in our grass in our yards.  They patiently wait atop blades of grass for nice warm blooded mammals to pass by, so that they may catch a ride!!  They lie in wait in the trees, and when they smell a certain pheromone, they drop and hope for the best.  Ticks will also literally ride the breeze to get a hold of some fresh warm blood.  NATURES LITTLE VAMPIRES INDEED!  I read somewhere that vapor rubs will deter ticks in the yard and wild, but I haven't had a chance to put that theory to the test yet. Nonetheless, I must replenish my repellent stores before any future sightseeing in the 'rough'!!

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