Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Savory Stuffed Crepes For Everyone!

These ideas complement the earlier blog on stuffed crepes.  These variations include savory ingredients and possible breakfast and brunch fixings.
 Savory Ham and Cheddar Stuffed 'Crepes'
1 pkg. regular sized flour tortillas
deli sliced ham
sliced Cheddar cheese
Place tortilla on flat surface and imagine look at it as a pie graph.  Place a slice of ham folded in the 1st and 3rd quadrants, and a halved slice of cheese in 2nd and 4th.
Fold tortilla upward to form a half circle.  Fold circle in  half opposite the side facing you to form a fan of sorts, with the open end facing up.
In  a non stick skillet sprayed or a cast iron skillet over medium high heat, toast both sides of the crepe until heated through, and the cheese just starts to melt.  Let stand for several minutes before serving.
Serve with honey mustard dipping sauce or ranch dressing or whatever tickles your fancy.
Turkey and Swiss with Italian dressing dipping sauce
Roast Beef and Provolone with horseradish sauce
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese with dill and sour cream dipping sauce
Sausage and Eggs, 1/2 patty in quadrants 1&3
Bacon and Eggs, 1 slice halved  in quadrants 1&3
Spam and Eggs, 1 slice in quadrants 1&3
Canadian Bacon and eggs, 1 slice  " " " "

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