Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Father Would Have Loved This Menu

Well folks, it's about time for dinner.  I hope yours is as memorable as the day is long.  I am catering a dinner for the fathers in my family  and decided on "Grub Rubbed" and Smoked Spareribs, Savory Baked Beans and Cheesy Zucchini Layered Casserole.  The Nascar race is winding down and the troops are headed from our local dragway and home for dinner time.  The overcast skies can't hide the excitement of approaching body refuel and the smiles on my girls' faces spending the evening with their daddy!  My father passed away in 2009, but we still wish him a happy day anyway!! We know he's still here in spirit and most importantly in our hearts.  This menu is dedicated to Douglas Smith, loving husband, father and brother.  Dad would have really enjoyed this evening's fare, but above all, spending time with his wife, children and the people we love for one more day.  Never miss a chance to tell the ones you love that you do.  In time, those 'love you's' along with memories are all that remain to keep us going when our paths cross and we move on to higher planes!!! I love you all for reading my thoughts and giving me a chance!  Thank You

p.s. You can check out photos of my Father's Day menu on facebook under Cherrysewagecom.
p.s.s. "Neillio's Grub Rub" is a spice blend I came up with for seasoning meats, especially BBQ.!!

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